How to prepare for Miss Universe

Miss America is the most awaited and famous beauty competition in the America, It’s a platform by which you can take part in Miss Universe competition where the winner from national pageant across the universe, compete to win the crown.

Commonly, a country’s participant has selected first then it can participate for Ms. Universe form. Women must take proper steps to make sure they enter or qualify and even aim for winning the Ms. Universe competition.

Checklist to prepare for Ms. Universe is following:-

1. Age requirements:

The contest is very strict regarding the age of the contestants.  All the contestants should between the age of 18 years to 27 years only as of  1st January in the same year of which they are competing, otherwise, they are not allowed to participate in the contest.

2. Enter the competition:

All the contestants who want to apply for the Miss Universe, they must do it by first applying through the national director of their respective nations. In the USA, all participants should qualify Ms. USA competition first by approaching their directors of the state they are living in then they can apply for the Miss Universe.

3. Maintain the shape:-

For this contest, one should have good shape and figure, or be in shape you must do regular exercise and try to eat food that is healthy. Always remember one thing, Participants are judged on their looks and shape, they are made to wear a bikini that totally depends on the shape of the body. the So you should focus on wearing shapewear and corsets that will give you the much-desired hourglass figure.The minimum height to enter the contest is 5′ feet, 4″ inches tall.

Maintain the shape

4. Care Of the skin:-

There are so many products that guaranteed of the removal of scars, acne and lighten up the skin tone. When you are in contact with the sun always use the sunscreen that will help you from the skin damage.

5. Scars free skin:-

For Miss Universe contest one should have scars free skin, in the market there many brands which are providing the bb creams for removal of cuts and scars. Apart from scars stretch marks are one the famous problem so for the contest you should not have any stretch mark too.

Scars free skin

6. Removing the unwanted hairs:-

Most of the participants choose to wax, which lasts for some days. You must wax before the competition with enough days to spare so that the effects of waxing doesn’ t show on the skin. Take proper measures to wax the necessary parts like armpits and legs.

7. Take the Coaching from an Expert:-

You should work with a coach, who will teach you about the contest. From the help of the coach, you will come to know about the posting, walking and standing style. And also guide you to how you can be in shape and give you tips for the skin care.

I hope if you are an aspiring Miss Universe participant, this article will help you to make the checklist so that you can prepare well. If you still have any queries feel free to contact me.

Take the Coaching from an Expert

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