Please Advise: My Parents Have Taken Over Our Wedding

“My parents are helping us pay for our wedding. The problem is that their vision of our day and our vision are not the same: they’re picturing something big and grandiose; something their friends will be talking about for years to come. My fiancé and I want something intimate and more meaningful to us. How do we plan the type of wedding we want without looking ungrateful?”

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I sympathize with you – I was in that exact same position. My fiancé and I wanted a small intimate ceremony in a park with a huge pizza party reception. It took a lot of arguing and being called ungrateful before my last ditch effort to have a wedding: I wrote them a letter.

In the letter, I explained what we wanted, why we wanted it and stressed how important it was to have our parents support us through one of the greatest times of our lives. I was honest with my parents in the letter and writing it down made it more difficult to get lost in an argument. My parents were able to read it over and over again, and it got through their heads. It wasn’t all happily ever after with them afterward, but it was much better.

Also, if you have a sibling that does want a grandiose wedding, mention that to them. My sister Tara wants a huge wedding, so I’d always reassure my mom that she’ll have the wedding of her dreams whenever Tara gets married.

Fourth of July Nail Art

So I realize the Fourth is over with for this year and all, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still swoon at pretty, patriotic manicures, right?

Nail art is kind of huge right now and lots of people are going all out with a theme (check out the pictures below if you’re not sure what I’m babbling about). While I’m not exactly sure I want to jump onto the themed nail art bandwagon, I do think you can get endless inspiration from it.




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Also, If you’re on the prowl for awesome beauty tutorials of any kind, you absolutely have to check out The Beauty Department. It is the absolute awesome sauce. They break things down into simple steps and show you photos of each one. Here’s a small look at what I mean:

The Beauty Department
Whether these pretty designs lead you to experiment with stripes, polka dots, stars or glittery fingers, tell us about it! You can send us pictures of your pretty nail art (or anything else for that matter!) at