Real Wedding: Jordan & Kyle

Venue: Dyker Beach Golf Course 
DJ: DJ Entertainment by Teddy (he is wild!)
Flowers: 1-800 Flowers especially my mom Laraine (who is their photo stylist and Cynthia
Photographer: Photo by Basia
Hair: Donna McCord of the Hair Den (I’m a hairstylist as well there)
Invitations: Kelly Trench Designs (She is amazing. She brought my vision to life!!!!)
Makeup: Gina Haggerty
Dress: called Marysa found at Kleinfeld
Shoes: Touch Ups
Jewelry: my grandmother’s
Headpiece: made by my mother (netting and all) using my grandmother’s broaches and other material

A little background info:
Kyle is an ex-pro hockey player I met while he played in New York. I am an extremely family oriented hair stylist from Rockaway Beach, New York. We survived 8 months of long distance and not seeing one another by phone calls, cards, and email.

We picked September 15th because it was my grandparents’ wedding anniversary. They survived over 55 years together before sadly passing. I met Kyle two months on the day of my grandmother’s death.

He’s from Boston, I’m from New York yet our families are beyond close.

If I have any advice for brides it doesn’t rush. Don’t rush a date as soon as you get the ring. Prepare and enjoy being engaged and also split the tasks with your soon-to-be husband.

Don’t make the wedding a show, make it about the two of you. Who cares what everyone else thinks?!

And choose your groomsmen and bridesmaids wisely. They will be your support team!

There is a saying I love: “Have a marriage as beautiful as your wedding” that to me, is EVERYTHING.

5 things I love about my husband

  • He honors me always. When I don’t stick up for myself, he does.
  • He empowers me to try new things. From sports to foods to zip lining in the rainforest in Antigua
  • He gives me confidence. From telling me how beautiful I am to how great of a mom I’ll be one day.
  • He’s made me want more than just my career. I never was the girl to want a family or husband. I wanted to be a rocking stylish. Now I want to be Suzie Homemaker!
  •  He teaches me things and answers all of my questions, even the stupid ones. From what’s a linebacker to interrupting movies because the plot is too confusing for me.
  • He puts up with my singing. And I sing everything!
  • He makes me feel safe. No matter where we go or what we are doing if his hand is in mine, I’m ok.
Loving Hispanic Couple In Countryside

I asked my husband via email to get cracking on his list and this is what I got. Am I lucky or what?!

What I love about Jordan McCullough… 

  • I love that you make me a better man
  • I love your positive attitude at all times
  • I love your goofiness
  • I love your smile
  • I love your sense of humor
  • I love how you’re a dork
  • I love that you compliment me perfectly so we are perfect team
  • I love that you show me so much affection
  • I love that you love me
  • I love your butt
  • I love that you want to be the perfect housewife
  • I love that you try to do things that I like even though you may not
  • I love that you are so family oriented
  • I love your energy and giddiness
  • I love how you tell it like it is
  • I love that you put me in my place
  • I love how you make us a family
  • I love that you always wanna be around me
  • I love that you are my soul mate
  • I love your independence
  • I love that you make me smile
  • I love you in your undies
  • I love the way you kiss me
  • I love your big feet
  • I love the noises you make when you’re sleeping