Etsy Finds: Wedding Rings

With the Olympics’ Opening Ceremony kicking off in London today, we thought we’d give you an ode to the games with some rings of our own! Our rings are of the handmade variety. The artisans who create these lovely works of art put just as much blood, sweat, and tears into their craft as the athletes we’ll be watching for the next few weeks.

I’m madly in love with how unique these particular wedding rings are. Whether it’s their shape, their custom engravings, or some other amazing detail, these rings are all a little outside of the box. And really, what better symbol is there for your marriage than something that is uniquely you?

Metalicious braided wheat wedding band set / Peace of Indigo rustic bark with carved initials ring / Erga infinity ring / Garnet Girl Designs moissanite engagement ring / tina-dee wood grain stacking rings / Kari Woo square ring / Monkeys Always Look custom organic ring set / Kalikat custom engraved ring set.

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